empty-bottles-4random%I’m all about recycling and reusing…the more creative the better.  Here are some ideas to reuse those prescription bottles that you get from the pharmacy.  Most have child-proof caps that stay put, and of course, remember to remove the original label.  To remove the labels from pill bottles,  use a hairdryer, heat the label and inside the bottle for a minute or so.  I then label mine with my handy label maker. Here are some ideas that I came up with:

  • Store extra buttons or other small craft items
  • Fill with the spices that come in baggies from the grocery store for easier use
  • Fill with spices or sugar for camping trips
  • Fill with a supply of vitamins or supplements to keep at work or upstairs
  • Fill with salad dressing for a healthier restaurant alternative (be sure you choose ones that don’t leak)
  • Stuff a thin reusable grocery bag in the bottle for easy carrying
  • Glitter (punch small holes for a glitter shaker)
  • For Valentine’s Day: fill with candy hearts or kisses for an “Rx for a Happy Valentine’s Day”
  • Fill with office supplies like thumbtacks or paper clips
  • Fill with small nails, washers, or handyman supplies (You can glue or nail the caps to a thin piece of wood and mount it under a shelf or cabinet in craft area or garage.)
  • For the gardener, store your seeds in them to use next year
  • Use for a sewing kit: fill with a needle, a small spool of thread, a button, and a safety pin
  • Store quarters or change: most tall ones can hold $10 worth of quarters. Use it to take to the laundromat or to pay tolls
  • Pack a mini emergency kit: band-aid, cotton ball, q-tip, sore throat drop, and an alcohol wipe. Include a small paper with contact information or important medical history.
  • Fill with small beans or bells: our cats love to bat them around!
  • Reed storage for your wind instrument
  • Fill 2/3 with water and keep in your freezer for a quick “ouchie” soother
  • Store about any small item:  headphones, dried herbs, fishing bait

There are hundreds of uses. Just use your imagination, and be sure to label it clearly.  And you can always donate them to your local animal shelter or veterinarian.