I think someone at the thrift store that I frequent thought this may be just another purse. At first glance so did I; other purses on that rack were cabled and locked, but this one just sat on its own.

When I looked closer, I knew I had an original Kate Spade purse, not a knock off. All the zipper pulls had the logo, as well as the little metal feet. And I found the famous tag inside a pocket reading “Kate Spade 12324” with a small Silver Thread running through it. That’s one clue that you’ve got an original.

So how do you know if you’ve got a fake or a find? Visit I Hate Counterfeit Bags where there’s lots of good information and useful pictures of both authentic bags and fakes.


Anyway, it was in perfect shape, almost like it hadn’t been used. It’s a pretty color combination of chocolate brown and orange, my favorite color.

But the best part, it only cost me $14.99! Not bad for a purse that retails from $100-$300.

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