germs-4random%I know some of you that think thrift store shopping is not for you, my Mother was one of them.  I say WAS…not anymore!!!

On my yearly trek to visit my family in Arizona, I  have asked on numerous occasions to visit their local thrift stores.  I was always met with that look of disgust! And I know what they were thinking–I’ve been there, done that!

It is true that not all thrift stores are created equal.  There are some that are kept up better than others.  We are lucky to have some very nice, well-kept stores in our area.  Take the time to check out the stores in your area, or venture out into the next town.

I always dress in layers, with a cami underneath my clothes, and usually wear socks. I try on clothes that look to be in nice condition–never anything that looks horribly dirty or tattered.  Anything I bring home goes directly into the wash!

Also, I always carry with me antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer which I use on the way out the door.  As of late, I have been taking a wipe and wiping down the handle of the cart and the cart “seat”.  This is now my new ritual at any store I shop in.  Not because I am a germophobe, but because I believe it keeps me healthy and free from “life’s” colds and viruses.  It doesn’t eliminate them, but I am convinced it helps!

So my point is not to be afraid.  I have been thrift store shopping for many years now and have never come down with anything horrible from shopping or buying at our thrift stores.  You do know that the clothes you buy in the mall have also been “around”!

Back to my Mother…it took one $2 coat that I purchased for her from a thrift store to convince her that it was worth it. I dragged her into our local thrift store and she walked out with 4 pairs of jeans that fit her tiny frame perfectly and a couple of beautiful tops and one gorgeous handbag! Yep, she’s hooked!!

My, advise–go for it!!