Let Your Boat of Life be Light, Packed with Only What You Need,

A Homely Home and Simple Pleasures

Lately, they have had even more significance to me.  My husband and I are selling our home of 15 years…partly because the mortgage is weighing on our shoulders, partly because our children are off to college, and partly because it just feels like the right time to me.

If I won the lottery, I would stay.  But I’ve never even won $3 in the lotto, so that’s not happening!  For the last 5 months, I have been doing some major decluttering and redecorating, readying my house for potential buyers and open houses.

Truth be told, it’s been a fun and rewarding experience.  Hard work, yes, but the house is really shaping up from years of neglect.  The driveway’s been poured, the hardwood floors resurfaced, and next comes new carpet.  These are things that is costing us money up front but we know the house wouldn’t sell without them.

As the purging and decluttering continues, I realize what a mass of unused accumilation that has collected over our 29 years of marriage. Some of it is junk, some nice but unused, and some sentimental.  Whatever the category, I’m finding new homes for much of it. And it feels good.

One major thought continues to resurface…why haven’t I lived this way all along?  With just enough furniture, just enough decor, and just enough clothes to live comfortably.  Maybe it’s because we’re so caught up in consumerism of America. Maybe it’s because I get a rush from shopping. Lots of “maybe’s” but not enough answers.

Next week comes round two of major decluttering.  And I know it’ll feel so good to simplify my life.