I wouldn’t feel right posting all these wonderfully delicious holiday recipes without at least including one blog on losing weight.  I could stand to lose some pounds, and whether you have 5 pounds or 100 pounds to lose, this website offers sound personal advice.  And best of all, it’s free! Yes, absolutely free.  So while we’re trying to pay down our Christmas bills, take advantage of something out there that’s won’t cost you a dime.


It’s called the Vice Busting Diet from Julia Havey.  I’m trying the plan for myself and I’m on Day 5. So far, I like the practical advice, the slower pace, and the emphasis on changing your behavior and boosting your self-esteem along with modifying your food habits.  Julia says it like it is; she offers strong encouragement while not glossing over the challenges ahead. And I appreciate the fact that she’s sharing this plan with us for free. Not all of us want to or can spend hundreds of dollars each month on plan fees or packaged foods.

There’s a journal to print and fill out, along with the audio to listen to each day. We’ll take one day at a time, like the tortoise and the hare story in her audio. And yes, Julia, I’m drinking my water as I type.