Being my frugal self, there’s a part of me that hates throwing away Mylar balloons after a party.  They sadly float around the room, each day hovering lower and lower until finally they’re just too sad and flimsy to tolerate and I throw them away.

But I will throw away no more!  Cut old Mylar balloons into squares and use them to wrap small gifts for other birthday parties and events. With the holidays and wrapping gifts just around the corner, we can reuse deflated Mylar balloons as beautiful gift wrap. Mylar is shiny and elegant, and some stores sell Mylar gift wrap for a lot of money.


Look how this small gift box is wrapped in a used, blue Mylar balloon, decorated with wide strips of the same balloon (reversed) for a “ribbon,” and a metallic-silver bow. Narrow, curled strips of wrap enhance the bow and nicely coordinate – the blue side matches the wrapped box and the silver side matches the ribbon and bow.  How pretty! Or use the designs and words like “Happy Birthday” to wrap a cute birthday gift.

Here’s another adorable idea from  They have instructions on making this cute Mylar tote, but I think it’d make a very cute gift bag.

Here are some more ideas for reusing your Mylar balloons:

  • Cut them up into strips and use them in gifts baskets, Easter baskets, and even for packing materials for shipping.
  • Cut them into pieces and use these pieces for scrapbooking, making crafts, decorate a frame, collages, and many other crafts.
  • Wall Decor – Deflate your balloon all the way and tape onto your child’s wall in their room or a playroom for some fun decor.
  • Make balloon weights – Use your Mylar balloons at your next party to cover rocks to be used for balloon weights.