I have a love affair with pillows.  They dress up any couch, bench or bed.  It makes me happy just to toss a few around on the floor throughout the house or in a basket.  As pretty as they are, they can also be expensive.

Making your own pillows is easy.  Forget the patterns and fabric; I just discovered a little trick.  Placemats cannot only dress up your table, but you can also make a beautiful pillow—quick, easy and inexpensive.

I chose a placemat in which the fabric had been doubled and stitched.  I carefully cut a slit about 3 inches long in the back of the placemat and filled the pocket with poly fill.  I stitched up the slit and in 10 minutes created a beautiful pillow for only the cost of the placemat ($2.99) and poly fill from an old pillow. You also have the option of opening up one of the seams, stuff and stitch back together.


Some placemats are made from a single cut of fabric which means you will need two placemats to create a pillow.  Simply place right sides together, stitch and fill.  Don’t forget to embellish your new pillow with trim or tassels for a designer look.

Next time you see a beautiful placemat, think pillow!