I love Halloween with the lawn decorations, fall décor, and cooler temperatures. But with grown kids, I feel like the girl that’s not invited to the party…kind of left out of the fun.

That’s why I was excited to find that they’re having a Halloween party at work.  Our first! My team never dresses up for Halloween, but I am!  I went to the thrift store and bought a great costume for under $10, but more on that in another blog.

Along with treats and great costumes, they have contests and prizes.  I’m entering just one of them…the spookiest dessert contest.  It’s really just an excuse for me to make these adorable treats. They’re not all that spooky but I don’t care.  Now that my kids are grown, I miss making all these cute treats for their school parties.

They also look pretty easy…no dipping, not much decorating, and not much fuss.  Just a lot of wrapping with Fruit Snacks. I laid them out on a bed of Halloween-themed cotton candy.

Marshmallow Mummies

  • 18 Large Marshmallows
  • 6 Thin Pretzel Sticks (2 3/4″)
  • 1 Box (4.5 oz) chewy fruit snack (any flavor)
  • Black decorating gel (from .68 oz tube)

Thread 3 marshmallows onto each pretzel stick to make 6 “bodies”.

Unwrap fruit snack rolls (do not unroll). With kitchen scissors or sharp knife, cut rolls in half horizontally to make 12 rolls of long strips. Unroll strips; remove paper.

Wrap 2 long snack roll strips around each “body” to resemble mummy, leaving small amount of 1 marshmallow uncovered for face. With decorating gel, add dots on “face” for eyes.

You can always increase the quantities if you want.

Have a Happy Halloween!