I have finished my master bedroom re-do and am very happy with all the results; now the fun part—accessorizing. I needed a couple of lamps for my bedside chests.  Oh, I found several lamps that I just loved, but for much more than my budget allowed for, so back to the thrift store.  It took me some time to find something I could work with.   I finally bought this pair for $19.99, without shades, to redo for my project.

I painted the base of the lamps the same creamy beige I used to paint my furniture.  Then I took fine sandpaper to the lamps so that the original dark color came through on the raised areas—a truly shabby chic look.  I am happy with the result and am now ready to purchase the shades and the fabric to cover them.


For Christmas, Carol was so sweet to give me a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store (she knows me too well).  With that, I was able to purchase two shades using my half-off coupons for only $6.00 each, the fabric to cover them for $4.00, and the beading for $8.00.

The shades came with a pattern and adhesive on the shades to make it easy to cover them.  I added the beading to the bottom and ended up with two beautiful lamps. But, after living with them for a few weeks, I realized that the fabric didn’t work with the room as I envisioned.  I kept thinking about this fabric that I had bought some time back to make pillows for my couch.  I quickly realized that it was perfect for the room, so back to the drawing board.

I removed the fabric from the lamps and replaced it with the fabric I already had.  I removed the beading in order to replace the fabrics and realized that it would look much better if I attached the beading on the underside of the lamp.  Perfect, I am happy now!  Sometimes we just have to tweak things a little.