We’ve probably all been here before. You’re making a cake or baking up a batch of cookies. You head to the refrigerator for eggs, and, oh no, you’re completely out. What now?

Did you know you can substitute mayonnaise for eggs in your baking recipes? Mayonnaise is made with eggs, so it makes sense to reach for the mayo jar. The mayo adds moisture to your baking because of the oil, and it also adds a wonderful flavor. UPDATE: You’ll need to decrease the amount of oil called for in the recipe. Since the mayo naturally contains oil already, try reducing the amount of oil called for in the recipe by half. (thank you, dear readers!)

Even though I have never tried it, you can probably use salad dressing (like Miracle Whip) if you don’t have any real Mayonnaise, but the salad dressing is a bit sweeter. For most baking, that will be just fine since so many baked goods are sweet anyway…like us!  And of course, you can always make your own homemade mayonnaise like Julia Child taught us to do.


Are you vegan? Then try these 15 best vegan egg replacements.

Here are some equivalents for substituting eggs in baking, plus some other ideas for egg substitution.

Substitutions for eggs in baking (most listings are for one egg)

  • Mayonnaise: Substitute 3 tablespoons mayonnaise for each egg called for in recipe.
  • Flour: 1 egg = 2 tablespoons liquid + 2 tablespoons flour + ½ tablespoon shortening + ½ teaspoon baking powder. andrew-donovan-valdivia-nwghoxzeo48-unsplash-1random%
  • Egg substitute: Substitute 1/4 cup egg substitute plus one teaspoon of oil to prevent rubbery texture.
  • Flaxseed: Use two tablespoons flaxmeal (ground flaxseed) plus 1/8 teaspoon baking powder plus 3 tablespoons water for each egg. bundleblog-flaxseed-01random%
  • Gelatin: Dissolve 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin in 1 tablespoon cold water, then add 2 tablespoons boiling water. Beat vigorously until frothy. Substitutes for one egg. beef-gelatinrandom%
  • Cornstarch: Substitute 1 tablespoon cornstarch plus 3 tablespoons water for each egg.
  • Bananas: Substitute 1/2 of a mashed ripe banana plus 1/4 teaspoon baking powder for each egg. brett-jordan-zrf6acplhpm-unsplash-1random%
  • Tofu: Substitute 1/4 cup tofu for each egg.  sherman-kwan-v-zpevewjy0-unsplash-1random%