006-e1440879060734random%Baby wipes were never around for my Mother when she was changing diapers.  I say thank goodness they were around for me when I had my two sons.  I don’t know what I would have done without them. But when my babies were out of diapers, I was not willing to part with them.  In my opinion, they are worth their weight in gold!  Yes, they have many more uses other than just wiping little fannies.

In my home, you will find a container filled with baby wipes in all of my bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. I would almost rather run out of toilet paper than the wipes.  I originally purchased the containers filled with wipes for each room.  When I run out I purchase only the wipes in bulk and refill my containers.  It is a huge money saver.  Many cleaning manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and are now selling similar products designed for cleaning (can’t be used on anyone’s bottom) at a much bigger markup, so buying the baby wipes definitely saves money.

I always buy the non-scented so that I can use my own cleaning solution.  I mix my cleaning solution and pour it into the diaper wipe containers, just enough to saturate all the wipes.  Keep in mind that you may want to keep different cleaning solutions for different rooms.  I like a mild scented cleaning solution for my kitchen as opposed to the bleach solution I use in my bathrooms.  It is important that you clearly mark each container with the solution it contains and for the room it is designated for.  It is a good idea to keep one container free of any cleaning solutions.  I will explain why later.

I have mentioned more than once that I use the wipes to clean in and around my toilets and sink areas.  Monday is my big bathroom cleaning day, but it is usually not an issue because I do a little touch up almost daily—hey I live with three men!!  Just remember not to flush the wipes.

Oh, and the laundry room?  Well, I can keep my washing machine, dryer, and plastic clothes basket clean with a few swipes every so often.

I never leave home without my hand sanitizer and a baggie filled with a few wipes for quick cleanup whether it is messy hands or a spill in the car that needs immediate attention.  This is why I keep a separate container with no cleaning solution added.

The wipes work very nicely for picking up dog or cat hair from the carpet, bedding, and furniture.  Again, use only the wipes that are free of any type of cleaning solution.  The wipes you use in your bathroom with bleach in it would end up bleaching out your carpet or furniture.  So be careful. The wipes also work well for cleaning your outside grill and if you are having BBQ ribs or chicken, they work better than napkins.

Please see “Making Your Own Baby Wipes” by Carol, and if you have any new and creative uses for baby wipes, please share them with us.