Paper plates are the next best invention to our beloved dishwasher.   We moms have been known to throw a quickie meal (no time to cook) on a paper plate (no time to wash dishes) on our way out the door.  Oh you know you’re guilty!!  Easy and affordable, BUT they can be used for so much more!  Here are just a few good reasons to keep them on hand:

  • Paper plates can be used by your inspiring artists to rest their paint brushes, sponges, and paint on.  Easy cleanup—just toss!
  • Crafters can use paper plates to hold their glue, glitter, buttons, beads, hot glue gun, etc.
  • Paper plates can be used in place of coasters when you have guests—like a bunch of messy teenagers.
  • Use paper plates when painting your house to hold paintbrushes, paint lids, paint rags, etc.  Sit your paint can on a paper plate to catch drips.
  • Place a paper plate in between each piece of your good china to protect against chips and scratches.
  • Use paper plates in your microwave to sit your dishes on and/or to cover your food as a shield.  They will help keep your microwave cleaner longer.
  • Use paper plates in your refrigerator to place underneath anything that may leak or spill.  They will help keep your refrigerator cleaner longer.

When it comes to children’s crafts, there are endless possibilities for a simple paper plate.  Please check out  for some great craft ideas using paper plates.  Have any new ideas??  Please share them with us!