I was all excited to tell you about a great thrift store find that I bought last week…a genuine Kate Spade purse! And I will, as soon as I can find the photo that I took of it to show you.

It’s Lost in Cyberspace! It’s somewhere on my computer, with a name of unrecognizable numbers, uploaded from my camera which always imports with a number instead of a name. So I can’t even do a search for “Kate” or “Spade.”

This frustrating lesson showed me the importance of organizing your computer files too. Once a month, we should spend 15 minutes deleting the unnecessary files and photos, reorganizing and moving, and decluttering.

In the meantime, the hunt is on. I’ll link to this great Thrift Store Find as soon as my picture comes out of hiding.

PS. Found it!  View my blog about this great Thrift Store Find.