This year I decided to forego the temptation of ringing in the New Year with a lot of resolutions that I know I will never keep!  I’m all bark and no bite! I did, however, challenge myself to become a smarter and more organized thrift store shopper!  Now that I can wrap my head around!

This year I plan to hit the thrift stores armed with all the tools I will need to score the best deals.  First of all, I need to know everything about my favorite stores such as hours, sales days and return policies.  Most thrift stores have special senior sales days (55 and older) that I take advantage of.  Its the only time I will admit to being over 55!!

I will keep a wish list of items I may need or want with me when I leave the house.  Perfect example–I need a picture to go inside the beautiful frame that I purchased last year, so I need to know the dimensions of the frame.  Also, I am looking for a small table to go on a small wall in my home, so I need to know the width of that wall and possible dimensions of the furniture I am looking for.  The more information I have with me, the better chance I have of scoring big!!


Any good shopper should never leave home without a measuring tape, measurements, color swatches, samples of carpet and paint colors.  And thrift stores are unlike any other store–if you are indecisive or hesitate because you are not sure, there will be someone right behind you that will snatch it up!! So here is my first tip…grab and decide later!! Check out why I won’t make that mistake again!

Take a look at how easy it was to organized everything I need into my new (and yes, a great deal) Baggallini crossbody bag.  Are you up for the challenge?