I usually don’t miss much when dealing with money.  I know prices, I cut and use coupons.  I know the best places to shop for the best deals.  And in this economy, I notice every little increase at the grocery store.  But they sneaked one by me—I missed this one!  I didn’t have a clue until my Mother shared an article out of one of her magazines.  We are paying more for less!  I know that some companies in the past have stooped to raising prices on an item while reducing the content.  But it seems to be widespread as of late.

Before the article, I didn’t notice that the orange juice went from 64 fl oz to 59 fl oz.  I saw no change in the packaging.   My ice cream lost weight AND went up in price.  Cheese lost a few slices.  Paper towels are missing several sheets.  The toilet paper is thicker with less on the roll.

This is to all the companies that are wasting time trying to fool us into believing that prices are not moving up.  Consider that we would much rather you be truthful and upfront about any increases.  We understand that groceries are on an upward spiral—we get it!  We have faith in all the brilliant minds within each company to find a way of reducing packaging, not the product, and then pass those savings onto your customers in this tough economy.

For our readers, just be aware of this trend and watch the prices very closely.  It will be even more important for you to watch the unit price.  What are you actually paying per pound, per ounce, per sheet, etc?  Shop the sales with your coupons; buy bulk, and don’t be afraid to shop other brands.