Today it is all about my “new” office chair, thanks to the generosity of Carol and her husband.  The chair found a new home with me and while it was perfect in every way, it didn’t suit my color theme—easily fixed.

Recovering a piece of furniture doesn’t have to be intimidating.  I start by making a pattern from an old sheet or better yet an old paint drop cloth.  Shape the sheet over each section of the chair and then cut separate pieces for the back and seat cushion.  I like to use a marker to write on each pattern piece what it is and how many I will need to cut out.  Once the pattern pieces are cut I lay them out on the floor to measure for the exact fabric yardage. Guessing yardage can leave you with either not enough fabric or purchasing too much. I am on a budget so I carefully rummaged through the remnants at my local fabric store and found a beautiful piece that matched my “purple” theme for only $7.50—a steal!


I used my pattern to cut out the fabric and then began fitting the fabric pieces onto the chair wrong side out using straight pins. I machine sewed the pieces together until they fit snugly over each section of the chair. It will take a little tucking and maneuvering until it fits perfectly.  I used a staple gun to attach the fabric over the seat of the chair—again pulling tightly.   There is no exact science, just play with the pieces until they fit. If this process is not an option for you, consider purchasing a simple slipcover. has a large selection of slipcovers, so start there.

I have been accused of being a little (or a lot) “froufrou”, so after I added a bow to the back of my chair, it now fits perfectly in its surroundings.