My Dad celebrated his birthday this month, and of course I fussed over the perfect gift and more importantly the perfect card.  My Mother already had her perfect card for Dad.  She gave it to him this year, last year and the year before that.  I couldn’t believe what she was saying.  After Dad opens his card, she places it somewhere special until next year when she gives it to him again.

Mother doesn’t see it as odd, why repeat the process of finding that perfect card year after year only to toss it (and about $4 or more), or save it never to be looked at again.  So why not revisit the same card year after year.  When Mother presents her card to Dad, he can see her words of love written to him with her signature and date for every year she gifted him the card. Now that is the card I would cherish and keep forever!  In a conversation with my aunt she confirmed that she does the same thing with her hubby.  Maybe they are onto something!  And it doesn’t have to be just for Birthdays, we can extent the idea to any special occasion. Of course this wouldn’t work very well if you mail to family members out of town or out of state.


Photo by Gaby/Flickr

In June my husband celebrates both Father’s Day and his birthday a week apart.  This year with busy schedules and my oldest son out of the country, we celebrated late with both crammed into one day.  I gave my husband his gifts and cards and believe it or not, other than “Father’s Day” and “Happy Birthday” the card’s sentiments were identical.   I had picked the same card (different picture, different celebration), so it must have been my perfect card for my husband! We just may have a new family tradition. And don’t rule out making your own cards that can stand the test of time!!


This may not be for everyone, but I for one am sold.  Thanks Mother and Aunt Billie—you are two smart cookies!! I am curious what you think about it!