psk-slayer-8syeat16i-g-unsplash-1random%It was the end of summer; time for one last dip in the lake before cold weather sets in.  My son went swimming with his friends…and his cellphone.  (It’s interesting what you can find out from Facebook.)

After my son left him in a pocket, he had to figure out a safe way to remove the moisture without damaging the phone. One thing’s for sure: don’t use a blow dryer with the heat on the unit as it can cause more damage to the phone.  Here’s how to do it.

Dry off any visible moisture with a towel. Take the phone, with the battery out, and tightly wrap both items separately in two or three layers of a quilted brand of paper towel. Put them in a small container like a Tupperware, and then completely cover the phone with raw rice. After two days the rice swells up, drawing the moisture out of the phone and the battery. A quick charge and the phone worked perfectly again.

Try it. It’s much cheaper than going out to buy a new one!  It works on other electronics as well.

For my son, a costly “lesson learned” turned out to be not so costly, thank goodness.