Many of us love the Keurig coffee maker and the mess-less perfect cups of coffee they make but have a problem throwing away all those empty little cups. Fret no more. Use the cups to start seedlings for your spring garden.

Simply remove the foil tops, empty the grounds into your compost bin, and rinse out the cup. The coffee maker has already punched a hole in the bottom of the cup so they’re ready for planting. Fill with soil, add seeds, keep moist and cover loosely with plastic wrap in the sunless area until seedlings appear and develop.


If you’re lucky enough to have one at work, put a bucket out and now take them home. Plant your seedlings, and give to friends and neighbors as housewarming gifts.  It’s a perfect way to reuse and recycle, and give a bit of yourself too.  You could also sell your seedlings at a garage sale to earn a few extra dollars.