Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of your favorite shampoo? Many shampoos boast of “all-natural ingredients”, but if you look further you will find that there is probably not much if anything, “natural” about it.   My Mother asked me to find her a shampoo without all the chemicals that she is so allergic to.  So, I started my search for nature’s best.

I started with research on eggs as an alternative to shampoo.  The thought of putting an egg in my hair was less than appealing to me.  But since I am my Mother’s guinea pig, I had little choice but to give it a try. I whisked one egg and headed to the shower.  You don’t want the water hot enough to cook the egg in your hair, so my shower was cooler than I am accustomed to.   The sensation of the cold slime in my hair was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I massaged the egg into my hair and scalp before rinsing well.

I really wasn’t expecting much.  I was sure that I would have to jump back into the shower and lather up with my shampoo.  But, after drying my hair I was amazed at how much volume I had.  I usually have to shampoo, condition and then add a little mousse to give my fine lifeless hair somebody, but I had a body, with one egg!! No weird ingredients that I couldn’t read or understand…just nature’s best!


Before anything else I had to call my mother to share the good news—it works!!  Yes, I will have to get past the cold slime and the cooler showers.  I will have to give up the great smelling lathers.  But in exchange, I get great hair naturally.  I’m sold!   And now my Mother is ready to test the waters.

I have used egg in my hair now for one week and still love the effects.  I have always washed my hair daily, but have noticed that I can get away with washing every other day.   What do you have to lose?  I say, give it a try!

Stay with me, next week I will try mayonnaise (yes I said mayonnaise) as an alternative to shampoo.