The fall holidays and Christmas are behind us. The lights and decorations have been taken down and packed away. The last thing we want to think about now is NEXT Christmas. However, now is the time to take advantage of some incredible deals.

I have tried to explain to my husband, with very little success, that shopping the after-Christmas sales for the next Christmas is one way of saving money–a lot of money. He thinks that I would save a lot more if I didn’t go shopping at all. OK, maybe, BUT why does anyone want to pay full price for things like wrapping paper and ribbon? I know that the stores have 50% off sales during the holidays, but that is still more than I pay. For the last several years, I have purchased all my Christmas wrap, bows, ribbon, tissue paper, etc. at 90% off. I don’t bother with the 50% off after Christmas sales unless it is an item that is truly a buy at that price, and that will probably be gone when everything has been marked down to 75% and then 90% off.


It is not just wrapping paper that is marked down after Christmas. I purchase all my festive paper plates and napkins, stocking stuffers, decorations and lights. I have some beautiful seasonal tablecloths that I purchased at 90% off. Don’t rule out the boxed candy. Check the expiration date and many times you will find that it is good for another year. Don’t forget about your Christmas cards for next year.

In order to catch these great deals you have to be patient and watch the stores. Many stores don’t want you to know what day they will mark down their holiday stock. Over the years, we have found that generally most stores mark down to 50%-60% off the day after Christmas. Usually they will mark down to 75% off New Year’s Day or the day after. After that, you are on your own. This is when I start stalking my favorite stores for the big mark down to 90% off. Call the store when they first open and ask, although you may get “I don’t know”. Have your friends call you when they see that a store has additional mark downs. And yes, it is worth it, there are still some great finds at 90% off.

One of my favorite stores to shop the day after Christmas is Crate & Barrel. I have never seen their after Christmas sales dip below 50% off, but even so, their gifts are worth giving each year. New Year’s Day you will find me at Target for their 75% off sale. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store for their 90% off sale. Do a little research in your area to find your favorites and those with the best clearances.

Watch for some of our great deals that we will share with you this month. As well, we would love for you to share yours with us. Now, get ready, get set, go—and don’t forget to set aside time for lunch with your friends!