easy PANCAKE recipe

And still we have milk! This is Day 3 of the challenge to use up 1/2 gallon of slightly sour milk so you don’t have to toss it.

This morning, I made pancakes. Nothing special about that, but wait until you hear what I did. (And don’t tell my family!)

I love using Bisquick to make pancakes. I’m too lazy to make them from scratch, even though I know it’s more frugal. (Maybe we’ll come up with our own homemade Bisquick recipe).

I served the Pie that I made on the first night for dessert last night. I’d give it 2 thumbs up, but I wish I’d added a bit of sugar. My kids wouldn’t eat it because it had “pumpkin” in it. (Son#3 asked me this morning, “Is syrup considered a vegetable?” This coming from my vegetarian! You wish! I’ll laugh about this all day!) So I had about 2/3 of the pie left over.

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I made a double batch of pancakes so I could freeze the leftovers. That also used 2-1/2 cups of milk! But my secret is…I took the pie from last night, scraped the filling from it and except for the crust, added it to my pancake mix. Think about it, the pie had pumpkin, cream cheese, and pudding…all good ingredients for a pancake. I also added about 1/2 cup Malt-O-Meal to the mix, which adds vitamins and protein. (The remaining pie crust and small amount of filling can be eaten as usual)

Mix and cook the pancakes as you normally would. Every one liked them, and no one knew the wiser, except you and me. (Actually, after I wrote this post, the girlfriend of son#2 did ask me if I had added the pie to the pancakes! Smart girl!)

Freeze the leftover cooked pancakes by placing them between waxed paper and freezing them in a ziploc bag. They can easily be reheated in the microwave.

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