how you can reuse that milk container

Now that we’ve used up our sour milk in our Sour Milk – Use or Toss? Challenge, let’s talk about how you can reuse that milk container for other purposes. Did you know that milk jugs represent one of the largest volume of plastics in landfills?

I have a pretty planter in front of my fireplace. The container was given to me by a co-worker after Christmas. It originally held a huge amount of goodies that was sent to the company. I had mentioned that I liked the container better than the goodies, and one day it showed up on my desk.

The pretty plants were also given to me, from “The Plant Lady”, as I call her at work. She is hired to come in and water and care for the plants in the building. Wouldn’t you love to have a plant lady come and take care of your plant? I would! I had told her my sob story about me killing all my plants after leaving them outside during a sudden, unexpected frost. Anyway, she kindly gave me these plants after the flowers were spent.

Free is good. Free is definitely savvy and frugal!

The plants fit perfectly in the metal container, but whenever I water, it pools in the bottom and I didn’t have any drain catchers. That’s where the milk container comes in.

By cutting the bottom off, it made a perfect catcher for the water. And as you can see (or not), you can’t even see the milk jug under the plant. I can’t wait until they flower again.


Now for the top of the container. The top of the jug, with the handle attached, makes a perfect funnel! Here I demonstrate filling a smaller container from a larger, but there are many other uses too.

How about in the garage for oil changes? Or filling shampoo and conditioner dispensers? And after using, they can be rinsed and recycled. No waste!

Of course, there are many other uses for reusing a milk jug, but these are things that I needed. Here are 35 other ideas to get you started at this great website,

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