imgp2951-e1440870530470-8random%Changes are inevitable, and we are in the middle of a few!  My husband has retired, my older son is living out of the country indefinitely and my youngest son is finding his own path.  I am feeling like this house is going to be too much for just the two of us.  But we have lived here for 23 years, raised our sons in this home, and I feel like I am rooted in our home and community.  We have wonderful neighbors that have been here as long as we have, so as the old saying goes…I will “bloom where I’m planted”!


With that decision behind us, now I need to ready this home for the next stage of our lives.  Understand, I refuse to see myself as getting old, but my morning mirror  and defiant knees tells a different story. Since we are here to stay my first project was to turn our small bathroom tub/shower into a walk-in shower. No more climbing into a tub to shower.


We are blessed to have a very talented and skillful neighbor that did the work for us!! Pinterest was a HUGE help in finalizing the design.  I spent hours pouring over all the beautifully decorated bathrooms filled with great ideas for our tiny bathroom.  I pinned them to my board and passed those ideas on to our neighbor who masterfully created our dream space.  All the bad knees and sore hips in this home are very happy with the new design!

Note: I have no “before” pics of the bathroom.  But just imagine a full size tub in this small space.  Then take a look at the after pics.  I could not be happier!!