I spend a big part of the month of January getting organized for the year ahead. It may take a little time upfront, but then the rest of the year is less complicated with trying to remember what I forgot! I am big on lists or what I like to call logs. One of my favorites is my Special Occasion Gift Log. This simple log with columns is a perfect tool to tell us who, when, and what!

Start out with a log that you can either, download from the internet, create as a computer spreadsheet or use a ledger that you can purchase from any office supply store. You want a column for the name, date, occasion, and a column for recording information such as sizes wants and needs, favorite colors, or things collected. I also like to keep a column for cards.

You will have many on your list that you do not send gifts; however, you want to acknowledge their special day with a phone call and/or card. When shopping, keep this log with you. When you find that perfect gift, make note of the purchase on your log. Shop early and shop sales and clearances.

Every January, I create a new log, keeping the old log to help jog my memory on what I purchased the year before so that I don’t duplicate gifts. I then use this log to record those special occasions onto our new calendar. This log works well for me, however; you may prefer to adjust it to your needs. The goal, no matter the process, is to be organized with our gift-giving to save time and money which simplifies our lives.