weddingboxes-3random%Making your gift look like a towering, tiered wedding cake is an adorable way to present a gift for a bridal shower, but you could do this for a birthday or another fun event or holiday!

To make a wedding gift tower:

  1. Find 3 boxes that vary in size and stack well to look like a 3-tier cake. Round or square ones work equally well, but square ones are easier to wrap. You can find these in stores like Tuesday Morning or T.J.Maxx.
  2. Put your gifts in each box with tissue paper. If you don’t have enough gifts, get together with friends or relatives and fill all three. Or put gifts in the bottom two, and fill the top one with pretty silk flowers like in the picture.
  3. Wrap each box in white butcher-type paper or colorful wedding paper (non-see through). You can easily use different but coordinating papers for an elegant look.
  4. Secure tower together with double-stick tape. Pick up from the base only since it’s probably wobbly.
  5. Wrap white beaded parade necklaces or other bead trim around the tiers to look like a pretty cake trim – OR – you could drape tulle and roses to look like a wedding cake. Use your imagination!
  6. Secure decorations with dots of hot glue or double-stick tape if necessary.
  7. Top your gift box cake with a white monogram letter or another pretty “gift cake” topper such as silk or paper flowers or a long, streaming white bow.

Other Ideas:

For a birthday gift box cake, wrap boxes in fun, bold colors! Top with curling ribbon, candle or a fun toy!

For a baby shower, use pinks, yellows, blues, and teals. Top with a set of rubber duckies.