I finally found a product to banish my menopause symptoms, and it’s completely natural.  

I always said in my younger years, “I can’t wait for menopause and hot flashes because I’m always cold.” Be careful what you wish for! Thankfully, the hot flashes never came, but I was having a terrible time with night sweats. The first night that I had one, I woke in horror as I thought a large spider was crawling across my chest. It was sweat, rolling down to the sheet! Now, you that don’t know me must realize that I rarely sweat, even in the hottest summer months. Maybe a slight glistening, as they say in the movies. So this phenomenon was totally new to me.

But worse than the sweating was the cycling awake every two hours. This must go hand-in-hand with the night sweats. I’d wake up, sweating, and had trouble falling asleep again. By the time I got to sleep, it was time for another. Beginning at 7:00 pm and continuing to 7:00 am, every night, seven days a week, I’d sweat and wake every two hours. You can imagine how exhausted I was…a true walking, sweaty zombie.

I tried everything that I knew to try. The progesterone cream (gave me a rash), soy, black cohosh pills, melatonin tea, Royal Maca, even doctor prescribed hormones, none of them worked, or if they did, not for long. But I finally found something that does.

The product is called Phyto B by Bezwecken. It’s a mixture of natural herbs and plants; it’s a long list seen in the table below. They’re plant-based progesterone hormones, basically. It also includes phytonutrients for adrenal support and overall hormone balance. There are similar products in Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, and other health stores that are plant hormones, but I hear they may not work as well as this. Now, I’m the first to tell people that just because a product is natural doesn’t mean it doesn’t act as a chemical in your body and has the potential to cause havoc. But I rather take this natural product than doctor prescribed hormones that are known to increase your risk for cancer.

Phyto B Ingredients: Barbasco Extract, Dioscorea Quat. Extract, Fermented Plant Derived Progesterone, Soybean and Licorice Root Extracts, Fermented Plant Derived Estrogens, Crataegus Oxycantha, Medicago Sativa, Camellia Sinesis, Avena Sativa and Prunus Spp. Extract.

Phyto B comes in tiny little dissolvable pellets, and you start with 8 a day. I know that sounds like a lot, but you take four in the morning, and four before bed. You snap them in half (I just bite them), and let them soften for a few minutes under your tongue. When they’re soft, you swallow them. By then they’re usually soft enough to just crush in your teeth and swallow without water. They have no taste except a very slightly bitter taste that’s almost unnoticeable.

Again, I know this sounds like a pain, and it did to me too when I first started. But it’s easy to get accustomed to it. I keep the bottle next to my coffee pot. I’ll put the pellets under my tongue, make my coffee, and use the first sip to wash them down. Repeat at dinnertime, without the coffee, or you’ll be up again all night!

Best of all, they actually work. I did a lot of research before I bought, and read internet feedback. Some users have taken Phyto B for years, and find it’s still effective with no noticeable side effects for their menopause symptoms. It was the night sweats and the 2-hour wake cycles that were killing me, and I luckily didn’t have any other symptoms (except my body weight went to pot). But after about 7-10 days, they disappeared and haven’t come back; I’m currently on my second bottle. That’s encouraging, isn’t it?

You can also reduce your dose once the pellets take effect. I’m now taking 2 pellets in the AM, and 3 at night. My friend is taking fewer than that. That saves on the monthly cost…about $33-$35 a bottle for 240 pellets, but well worth sleeping through the night! I bought my bottle from Amazon but there are other sellers.

Give it a go. What have you got to lose? (There’s a pun in there somewhere, but I’ll refrain.) I hope it works for you too.