What can you do with leftover herbs?  I love fresh herbs, garden grown and store bought, but I do not like having to waste what isn’t used. I’ve tried just freezing them dry, but that’s not the trick to properly storing them. Here’s how to do it.

Empty several of the traditional plastic blue ice trays (you can easily and cheaply find these at your thrift store or the dollar store). Fill them with the chopped herbs until they are just about 3/4 full; one type of herb per tray is easier if you have a large variety. Slowly add water to each cube so that the cubes don’t overflow with water and herbs. Pat the herbs down gently with your fingers if necessary.


Put them uncovered into the freezer. Once frozen, empty the herb-cubes into freezer bags and label the bags with “Cilantro”, “Parsley”, etc.  Now when you need fresh herbs, just take out a cube and add it to your recipe.