Candy is a sure bet when giving a gift to co-workers, neighbors, and friends.  Who doesn’t love candy? Plan ahead, shop the sales, use your coupons, and then be creative in the way you present your gift.  Maybe you love making candy or baking treats–even better!!

On New Year’s Day Carol and I, along with our friends, shop the 75% off Christmas sale at Dillard’s.  I was able to pick up 5 beautiful Christmas bowls for $1.00 each with the idea of presenting them as gifts filled with candy the following Christmas.

So here a year later I’m ready to put my candy bowls together.  I started with a small amount of gift filler in the bottom of each bowl and began adding different wrapped candies and chocolates until the bowls were heaping.  Keep in mind that the photo of my supplies indicates only a fraction of the candy I was able to get into each bowl.  I then used one gift basket bag for each bowl using wire to tie it off.  I then tied a bow using the ribbon and added some fun Christmas picks and this beautiful red butterfly.  Even if I do say so myself, they turned out beautiful!


Here is the cost breakdown:

  • 5 Christmas bowls at $1.00 a piece ($5.00)
  • Large bag of candy at Costco ($9.90)
  • 1 bag gift filler bought 90% off after Christmas sales (.10 cents)
  • 1 pkg. gift basket bags (.99 cents)
  • ribbon  ($1.00)
  • 5 Christmas pick bought 90% off after Christmas sales at .10cent each (.50 cents)
  • 1 package Christmas ornaments  purchased 90% off after Christmas sales (.99 cents)

If I did my math right, that is a total (excluding tax) of only $18.48 which is only about $3.70 per bowl.  So you see by shopping the 75% and 90% off sales after Christmas you will be able to get the supplies very inexpensively!  So plan ahead!