In my article “Eliminating Bugs In And Around Your Home”, I talked about bugs we DON’T want around and how to get rid of them. However, there are a few that we DO want around and the Ladybug is one of them. Ladybugs are actually small beetles, and they have a huge appetite for aphids, spider mites and other small insects that feast on our delicate plants. I was taught at a young age how special they are, and we welcomed them in our garden–they are said to bring us luck.

When purchasing ladybugs, they usually come in a netted bag and could contain as many as 4,000 to 5,000 Ladybugs in just a 1/2 pint. Make sure that they are from your area. If they have been shipped from another state, they usually won’t do well in your garden and will fly away. Also, Ladybugs that are grown inside don’t do as well in gardens as do the ones that are collected from outdoors. It is suggested that you wait to release them into your garden until after the sun has gone down and after a light watering. Not all will stick around, but the few that do, will benefit your garden and rid you of the smallest of pests.


There are measures you can take to make sure your Ladybugs will want to stay. Ladybugs feed on pollen found in flowering plants such as dill, geraniums, wild carrots and cosmos. Don’t pull all those weeds–they love dandelions. Pesticides can harm the bugs and their eggs; therefore it is best you don’t use pesticides if at all possible.

Make them happy, give them a good home and they will work hard for you.