0031-300x225-1It is the final touches to any decorating project that I look forward to.  For my new office, it is about the little touches like picture frames, lamps, baskets, plants, and knick-knacks, etc.  Thrift stores hold many treasures that can serve a purpose for any space in our homes.  Keep a mental note, or if you are like me put it on paper, a wish list of sorts.  Knowing your measurements and colors will help you make good decisions.  Then be patient, it may take a few weeks of looking before you find what you are looking for. Keep your mind open and be creative.  Many times some of the best finds are the ones you weren’t looking for.

I talked last week about my thrift store picture frames (only 49¢ each) and how I revamped them, using scrapbook paper.  I also purchased a beautiful lamp (shade included) for only $3.50—perfect as is!

I am always looking for storage vessels to use around our home, so I found a beautiful round basket at the thrift store for only $2.50 that sits on one of the shelves in my office.

I found a beautiful ceramic planter that sits on my desk.  I had to remove a few ugly fake flowers, but it awaits a beautiful plant and I love it even more knowing I paid only $3.50 for it!

Then there is my “This-And-That” 3 box set that hides away all my necessities on my desktop. I spent $2.00 on each box—love them!

I have a love for bunnies, especially the little white bunnies with pink eyes that I kept as pets as a child, so when I found my white bunny for only 49¢, well he went home with me!!

I hope this will inspire you to visit your local thrift stores—recycle, reuse, repurpose and save money!! Join me next week…almost there!!