goodwill2-3random%Carol and I are loyal Goodwill Thrift Store shoppers!!  We shop many other thrift stores in our area, but always seem to find our way back to the Goodwill.  We usually find what we are looking for and so many times things we didn’t know we were looking for!  We live for 50% sales every other weekend.

Usually, we are bragging about our thrifty finds, but not today.  This is my cautionary tale about the one that slipped through my greedy little hands!   I have a very bad habit of not wanting to buy anything unless it is 50% off.  As a result, I have missed out on some pretty cool finds by talking myself out of buying it at “full price”! I know, a little crazy!

A few months back, I found a gorgeous large round mirror surrounded by a beautiful wood frame.  Loved it, had to have it, BUT, I couldn’t bring my self to pay the $25.99 knowing that it would be only $12.99 in a couple of days.  Well, it didn’t wait for me and I am still kicking myself!!


Here is a photo of the mirror I passed up!!  Was it an American Drew that goes for $305?  Or was it like the one I found at Pottery Barn for $299?  Either way, I should have bought it!! Can’t help but think about that lucky and oh so SMART person that did purchase it at “full price!  Bet she is still talking about her big find and I am still talking about the one that got away!

It took me losing a few very special finds and Carol yelling in my ear, “just get it…it won’t be here tomorrow”, before I finally learned my lesson. I won’t be passing up on another find like that just because I am not getting it at 50% off!!  A $25.99 price tag is still better than $300.00!