Having a well-organized laundry room, no matter how small or large, will save you valuable time. Use a system that will allow you to sort your clothes into lights, darks, and delicates such as a clothes hamper with three sections and a rack on top to hang clothes.  Keep a bin on top of your dryer or nearby to contain your soaps, bleaches, and laundry supplies.  Following is a list of must-haves for your laundry room:

  • A small kit with safety pins, a lint roller, and a stain stick
  • Mesh bags for delicates like underwear and bathing suits
  • White vinegar to use on tough stains; use a mixture of one part white vinegar with two parts water
  • Baby powder to help absorb oil stains
  • Salt which helps remove rust stains when added to water to create a paste


If room permits, add your ironing board and a clothes rack to hang those items that you have finished ironing.  If you remove your clothes from the dryer immediately and hang them up, you may find less of a need for ironing.

Our goal is simple, less time in the laundry room!  Now start pinning some great ideas for your laundry room!