fruitflies-trap-3Don’t you just hate when you buy fruit and two days later you have those annoying little fruit fly gnats buzzing around your kitchen? At work, our plants have the little pests flying around.  I’m sure my co-workers must think I’m crazy, batting the air every few minutes. Here’s a cost-free, non-pesticide solution that eliminates them every single time.

  1. Take a small empty plastic bottle from bottled water or soda.
  2. Remove the cap and throw it away.
  3. Cut the top off around the part where the bottle becomes wider at the top.
  4. Drop some chunks of fruit, leftover banana peel, or sweet liquid down in the bottle. Add a little water if you’re using fruit.
  5. Invert the cut-off part and staple or duct tape into place.


Place these in inconspicuous locations around the problem area and the gnats will be out of your hair usually in about 24 hours. They are attracted to the fruit and after they fly into the bottle, they can’t get back out.  And the fruit in the bottles doesn’t seem to go bad as you’d think.

No more annoying fruit fly gnats and all without using pesticides!