Last week I recovered an old office chair for my office.  This week is all about new frames for my office.  It is easy to find inexpensive frames, but my goal was to personalize ones that I already have.  No more boring frames, I want something that says ME!  My office space would not be complete without my cherished photos of family and friends.  Yes, I have pictures, my treasures, everywhere in our home, but in my office, I can “girl” it up.

Over the years I have become obsessed with scrapbooking paper which I find so beautiful.  I have actually purchased sheets during clearance sales at Hobby Lobby not knowing what I will use them for, but for only 10 cents a sheet, I’ll figure something out!   I am sure by now you have guessed that I put my purchases to use in revamping my frames.


First, you will need to start out with a frame that has a flat surface.  I had a couple of plain black ones as well as a couple that I purchased for only 49 cents at our local Goodwill.  You will need an Exacto knife, white glue, and scrapbook paper.  Take the glass out of the frame and lay the frame face down onto the paper.  I used an old board to cut on so as not to damage the tabletop. Begin cutting the paper using the outside of the frame as a guide and then the inside of the frame using the Exacto knife.  Brush on a thin layer of glue onto the frame, making sure to cover all areas before attaching the paper onto the frame.  Smooth out any air bubbles then let dry.

Once the glue has dried, you are ready to embellish your new frame.  Try using buttons, ribbon, feathers, or old jewelry.  Take a trip down the crafting aisles of your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby stores for ideas. The possibilities are endless, just have fun with it.