When my brother divorced, I sent him some of my favorite recipes, easy enough for a new bachelor. (Yes, even him.) In return, he sent me some of his favorites. One of my favorite “recipes” from my then-bachelor, never-a-cook brother was this one written on a lovely recipe card:

  1. Take mystery Tupperware container from the back of the freezer that was left by the ex-wife.
  2. Thaw all day on the counter.
  3. Open and sniff.
  4. Dump in the trash, and order take-out.

When you do go on a cooking jag, and the leftovers get the best of you, freeze them for later.  I put mine in plastic containers, and use a wet erase marker (different than a dry erase marker) to write the contents and date on the top of the container.  No more mystery containers! And no more wasted food. The marker stays put until you wash the container, then the marker comes right off, ready for your next freezer project.  Or you could always order take-out.