My husband and I, most years, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner out together, careful to keep it within reason with the help of a coupon!  I can remember Valentine’s Days of old when my husband was still trying to win my heart.  A beautiful bouquet of roses would arrive at my office and all the girls would swoon over them and compliment him for his thoughtfulness and expression of love–always a romantic dinner to follow.  Then marriage,  a mortgage and kids–you see where I am going with this.

Valentine’s Day celebrations took on a new look–quickie dinners with the kids in tow and no flowers!  Before you judge my husband I need to jump in here and tell you why!!  One year (post kids) for Valentine’s Day my husband splurged on a beautiful bouquet of roses and as I opened my mouth out flew…“Oh thank you dear, but I just hate to see you spend so much money on something that will just die in a few days“.  Yep, he thought about it and knew I was right.  So, that was pretty much my last bouquet of roses. And as for jewelry?  Well my husband avoids jewelry stores like the plague!

Photo by KellyB./Flickr

What I really wanted to say is that while flowers die, diamonds last forever.  Yeah, I didn’t say that!! The frugal idiot that resides inside me bound and gagged me.  So this is how it’s going down this year!!  I am choosing a beautiful but affordable ring on QVC (love my QVC). I will order it, wrap it and let my husband know that he bought me a Valentine’s Day gift that I am sure I will love!!

So girls, the moral of this story is… train him up right, introduce him to Jared and never let your frugal speak for you when matters of the heart are involved.  We girls work hard and deserve a little bling from time to time.

Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day!