Your Bridal Shower and Wedding are just around the corner, and there is still so much to do.  But once it is all behind you, you still have one very important task to complete—the thank you notes.  It is important to express your appreciation for the gifts you receive.  No need for perfection, write meaningful thank you notes from your heart.  However, there are a few do’s and don’ts to remember.

Your thank you notes should be handwritten, not computer generated and include at least 3 to 4 sentences.  When receiving a gift of money, don’t mention the amount.  Thank them for the thoughtful and generous gift and share with them your plans for the money, if you know.  More than likely, you will receive more than one gifts from the same person (shower and wedding), which means that you need to send Aunt Billie separate thank you’s for each gift.

Some will tell you that you have up to 1 year to mail out your notes, however, I certainly don’t agree.  In a year’s time, you can forget a lot.  I would suggest that you send out all your thank you notes for the Shower before the Wedding.  Then as you receive your Wedding gifts send a thank you note immediately.   The gifts that you receive on your Wedding day can wait until you return from your Honeymoon.  First things first!  But once you get back, tackle the remainder of your thank you notes–you will be glad you did!

You will need to order or purchase your thank you notes, your new mailing labels as husband and wife and postage stamps.  Ask your maid of honor or the person giving you your shower to give you a list of everyone’s address so that you have that important information when you are ready to tackle your thank you notes.


Sometimes it is difficult to come up with the right words–here are a few phrases you can use:

We were so excited to receive the beautiful _______.

Thank you so much for the generous and thoughtful gift.

Thank you for sharing in our special day.

We found them to be incredibly useful.

This will be a cherished piece to add to our ________.

Thank you for the thoughtful and useful gift.

Thank you for such a unique and thoughtful gift.

We can’t wait to use your wonderful gift.

Thank you for the stunning _______.

Thank you so much, we won’t forget your kindness.

Make it a joint effort by getting your significant other involved and have fun with it!!  Oh, and Congratulations!!