I had never heard of Geocaching before.  It was my brother who suggested that I look into it. He is quite the jokester, and so many times I am not quite sure if he is on the up and up or just pulling my leg.  He is full of it and I am a bit, well, gullible!  So, wouldn’t you know there really is such a thing as geocaching—who knew!!

Geocaching is considered an outdoor sporting activity.  It is a treasure hunting game, of sorts, where GPS devices are used to help hide and locate a container called “geocaches” or “caches”.  These caches can be found all over the world.  A cache contains, at the very least, a logbook where the geocacher can enter information such as the date it was found, their “code name”, as well as their exploits in finding the cache.   In many cases, there are also items in the cache that the geocacher will take with the understanding that they leave something in its place for the next person to find.  The hiding and finding of these containers can then be tracked online.  The first website to list geocaches was in 2000.

While it does not interest me, I can see how this could be very exciting for many, especially those who love to travel.  There are many rules and much to learn about this sport.  If this tickles your fancy, I suggest you visit for much more information.  Oh and, thank you Michael–love you!!