A huge part of simplifying your life is to let others do the work for you, and for you to take the credit! This may sound horrible, but it’s true. How many of us create our own recipes from scratch every night? No! We usually take someone else’s creation and take the credit for whipping up a wonderful meal.

Here are 4 of my favorite websites that will take some of the pressure off your shoulders. And take all the credit for yourself…we won’t tell!

  1. WikiHow: Learn how to do (almost) anything (www.wikihow.com)
    Do you need to fix your drippy faucet? How about planning a craft for your scout troop? WikiHow has over 100,000 how-to guides for everything you can imagine.
  2. ShoppingNotes: Save money on (practically) anything (www.shoppingnotes.com)
    How it works…you copy the URL of a product page into the site. Plugin your email address and click “Get Alerts”. Now, as soon as the item goes on sale, you’ll be notified.
  3. QuestionPro: Gather opinions quickly (www.questionpro.com)
    Let’s say you’re planning a family reunion, and need to get everyone’s feedback on the venue. The free online survey tool allows you to create two surveys per month, with 10 questions each and unlimited survey responses. Easy! If you think on it, there are probably 100s of uses for it.
  4. Thank You Note Samples: Stay current on writing etiquette (www.thank-you-note-samples.com)
    You can find the perfect thank-you note wording (when you’re lost for words) for everything from business thanks, birthday thanks, farewell, or sympathy. It even includes a Top 10 Don’ts Etiquette.