After a long day of errands and grocery shopping I head home to make lasagna for dinner.  I already had my noodles, sweet sausage, a jar of Paul Newman pasta sauce (only 88 cents with coupons) and mozzarella cheese.  It was not until I am in the middle of making my mess that I realize…no ricotta cheese!   The last thing I want to do is run back to the store, so I desperately start rummaging through the frig for anything that I might be able to get away with.  Oh yeah, there it was—Greek yogurt!!  It’s thick and white and worth a try.

I seasoned a couple of cups of the yogurt with salt, pepper and a little Italian seasoning, and after a good whisk I added it to my recipe just like I do the ricotta cheese.  I kept my fingers crossed and swore to take my secret to the grave!  See, the men in my family are NOT yogurt fans.

That night my two sons hit the door hungry and quickly dug into the lasagna.  Holding my breath I ask them how they like the dinner.  “Mom, this is really good lasagna”! Even my vegetarian husband snuck his fair share and let me know how much he loved it!  It was a success and nobody was the wiser.

Not only did I save myself a trip to the grocery store, I also discovered a new replacement for a more expensive ingredient.  So I am sharing my secret with you—give it a try.