There are no limits when planning a Bridal or Baby Shower.  They can be large with many activities or small and intimate.  You have those that love games and those that prefer no-nonsense.  This game can be played at either.  I remember playing this game at many of the showers I attended over the years.  It is an oldie but goodie with a twist.

As your guests arrive, hand each one a clothes pin and ask them to attach it to part of their clothing so that it can be seen by everyone.  Before the shower begins, inform your guests that there are 2-3 words that are not allowed to be used during the shower, for example; honeymoon, kitchen, baby or diaper.  If a guest uses one of the forbidden words, another guest can call her on it and steal her clothes pin.  At the end of the shower the guest with the most clothes pins wins a door prize.  Be prepared with an extra gift just in case of a tie.

What do you do with all the clothes pins after the game?  At a table set up a long ribbon (simulating a clothes line) and small pieces of paper cutouts that look like clothes for the guests to write down a tip or words of advice for the Bride or Mother-to-be.  Remind the guests to sign their notes. The notes are then attached to the “clothes line” for the Bride or Mother-to-be to take home.  Make the clothes pins fun and festive by decorating them.

A simple but fun game!!