cook-butternutrandom%I love eating butternut squash in the Fall. Full of vitamins and nutrients, it’s a perfect way to sneak in healthy ingredients to your meals. (We moms can be sneaky when we want to be.)

The downside is that most winter squashes are a pain to cook. They have very thick skins that can be outright dangerous to slice when they’re raw. But rest assured, there is an incredibly easy way to cook this yummy vegetable, and save your fingers to boot. In your crockpot. And I’m all about easy!butternut-squash-1random%

The only thing to be careful of is to choose a squash that’ll fit into your crockpot. I have a small crockpot, so I pick a squash on the smaller size. Other than that, cooking is a no-brainer.

Cooking Butternut Squash in Your Crockpot

First, wrap your squash in aluminum foil. Place it into your crockpot. No water is needed!


Cook for 4 hours on HIGH.  Don’t have a timer on your crock pot? No worries, use a wall timer hooked to your crockpot.


After 4 hours, I let mine cool for an hour or so. If you need to use it right away, wear oven mitts so you don’t burn those precious fingers. Remember, we’re trying to save them, not hurt them. Open up the foil, and slice in half with a sharp knife. Scoop out the seeds (great for the compost).



And there you have it, perfectly cooked butternut squash ready for your favorite recipe. If you don’t need to use it right away, then re-wrap it in the same aluminum foil that you used to cook it.

Don’t know what to do with the squash once it’s cooked? Try my 5 Best Butternut Squash Recipes, and you’ll have a happy family.