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How to Choose a Ripe Watermelon and Reap the Health Benefits!

I’m at it again…still trying to kick my addition to sugar!  I am desperately searching for something that will satisfy my ravenous sweet tooth and yet is actually good for me.  Fruit seems like the logical solution, so I start with my favorite–watermelon, only to find that it tips the scale on the high end of the Glycemic Index.  So is it really an option for me? Turns out it is!!

Designing Easter Baskets

Beautiful Homemade Basket

My memories of Easter as a child are that of church and celebrating the risen Christ, a big Sunday dinner with family, a beautiful Easter dress sewn by my Mother, coloring Easter eggs, the Easter egg hunt and let’s not forget the basket full of goodies. Those same traditions I have passed down to my sons.

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Happy St. Patricks Day to Ya!

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.  Any excuse for a party—right?  Do you know why we celebrate?  OK, since I am Irish, I have the answer to this question.

Women’s History Month – A Celebration

Yes We Can!

National Women’s History Month began in March 8, 1857, when the women of a New York City factory stood up and protested over poor working conditions.  Congress in 1981 established National Women’s History Week to be commemorated the second week of March.  Then in 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month.

Traveling By Plane? Plan Ahead With These Tips


I have family living out of state that I visit every summer and every other Christmas.  With my fear of flying, I decided years ago to make the long trip by car.  The older I got, the older (and longer) the trips got. I even tried letting Greyhound do the driving for me one year–well I won’t even go into just how many reasons I have for NOT doing that again!! Soooo, I relented and started flying.  I have to admit that it is so much easier and actually cost less.  BUT, you may not want to be “the one” sitting beside me on that 2 hour flight!  I’m just sayin’!

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